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Bannermans 9th January 2016

Gig Report

JS came on around 9.45, and rocked until 11.30. Opening with old favourites 'L'il Devil' and 'Sanctuary', the band kept the pace up through more covers to 4 of their own compositions, 'One More Time', 'Find My Way', 'Frontiers Man' and 'Rainy Day'. Then followed an impressive array of covers, including the glam rocker 'Blockbuster', complete with siren, pub rock standard 'Milk and Alcohol', and a fine number of AC/DC songs. On the night of the Lemmy tribute in LA, the band also dedicated their cover of 'Ace of Spades' to the Motorhead legend. The gig coincided with the live stream of Lemmy funeral, so the last half hour saw some of the crowd leave to watch the live stream in the bar, the band were cool with that. Lemmy was a rock legend and will be sadly missed, and the band all pay their respects to a true rock and roller.

The band would like to thank everyone who came to the show. Thanks for your support!


Voodoo Rooms May 14th 2016

Gig Report

Donald the bassists 60th birthday and combined retirement bash started with JS kicking the evening off. The band opened with 'Sanctuary', and rocked on through a selection of covers, before showcasing some of their own compositions, 'One More Time', 'Find My Way', 'Rainy Day' and the new song 'Hot Tails On Fire'. The band kept up the pace with 'Hair of the Dog', 'Milk and Alcohol' and 'Jailbreak'. The set finished up with a selection of AC/DC covers, ending with a first ever rendition of 'Whole Lotta Rosie'. 

The evening continued with Onzlo doing a set, and ended with with a fine set by Torino. JS would like to thank Torino for letting us use the drum kit, and for their help on the night.

Thanks to all who came to the show. Thanks for your support!

JS Recording Session 17 June 2017

Set up took a while, miking the drums up was quite painful.

We wanted to record 4 of our own new songs, and a couple of covers. We ended up only recording 3 songs, it took a lot longer than we expected. Adam had to leave early in the afternoon, and we just ran out of time. 

In the end we recorded 3 of our own songs, 'Hot Tails on Fire', 'Photograph' and 'Red Alert'. Attached are a few pictures of the band setting up for the session.

We are still working on the songs recorded, and we are planning to record another new song, 'The Ballad of Lucy Moon' in early September. We will aim to have a CD's worth of songs by the time of the Xmas gig on 16th December, where we will play them all live!

Thanks for your support!

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