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‘Justified Sinners are a guitar based rock emergence, hailing from the haunted darkness of Edinburgh. All members of the energy are rock stars currently working undercover in normal jobs, collecting material and information for the forthcoming musical opus. No one really knows who they are, they blend in with their surroundings seamlessly, ever alert for new context and inspiration. They absorb, assimilate and thrive, feeding on the ether, selecting their target with diligence, and transforming what they find into an energy and power rarely seen.


Some claim to have seen this mysterious musical entity, but these were just the lucky ones, who caught a passing glimpse of the riff rock phenomenon that is JS. Although ever present, the visibility of their briefly coalesced form is fleeting before they fade back into the protection of shadows and conjecture. Some band members are older than others, that’s all we can say for certain.


What drives this barely visible form, who can find sense in existence that is always felt, but rarely viewed? None can tell, even members of the group do not have the answer, but their advice is that when the Justified Sinners step out of the shadows, make sure you are there to experience it, as their appearance will be all too brief. Be ready to hear the power, heed the energy, and feel the influence of those whose footsteps have passed this way before.


Those fortunate enough to have witnessed JS, speak in hushed tones amongst themselves, for fear that others may hear and dilute the experience through their collective appreciation. JS is not for everyone, it is only the privileged few who will ever be able to tell their children they captured a glance of JS. These honoured ones will walk tall, in the knowledge that they saw blinding light emerge from the shadows, glorious sound combine from the chaos of noise, energy fed by passion and belief in the riff, and all in the briefly tangible form of the Justified Sinners.


And in a drumbeat, they will be gone……’


Jasmine Butterworth, Vocals
Ryan Evans, Guitar
Ryan plays Gibson and Gretsch Guitars through a Victory/Boss  Amp
Jasper Stocker, Bass​


Mike Shepherd, Guitar

Adam Claxton, Drums
Adam Claxton plays Yamaha and Mapex 5 piece kits, with double foot pedal and steel snare
Adam uses Zildjan ZHT Hi Hats, Paiste 18" Thin and Medium Crash cymbals, a Meinl 19" Crash and Zildjan 22" vintage ride cymbal, amongst other essential pieces of percussive hardware, oh and is a master on the Vibra-slap...

Mike plays Charvel guitars and Boss Katana Artist amps

Jasper plays Music Man Bass guitars through Mark Bass amps

Justified Sinners Mk II

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